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Hand bags are one of the most used and common tools in our daily life, which are used in the transfer of all kinds of goods, purchases and personal belongings.

Everything you need to know about ordering a hand bag and its types!

A shopping bag is one of the most common and widely used tools in our everyday life, utilized for transporting various goods, purchases, and personal items. These bags come with diverse features and various advantages, making them an essential part of modern life.

In the following text, we will carefully examine the characteristics, types, uses, and the importance of shopping bags. We will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using shopping bags and their role in environmental conservation. We invite you to read this article from Nongah with care to gain valuable insights into this common tool of life.

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What is a bag?

A promotional bag, also known as a tote bag, is a type of bag used for the promotion and advertisement of a product, service, or brand. Promotional bags are primarily made from materials like paper, cardboard, kraft paper, or fabric and typically feature a logo, slogan, product images, or any form of advertising message.

Promotional tote bags are commonly distributed at events, trade shows, stores, or as part of an advertising campaign. These bags serve as an effective tool for increasing brand awareness and promoting products or services. Many organizations and companies use this method to attract new customers and boost sales by ordering customized promotional bags.

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Types of bags

Promotional bags can be categorized into several different types based on the materials they are made from. Here, we describe a few main types of promotional bags based on the construction materials:

1- Cardboard bag

Cardboard bags are a type of paper bag made from cardboard and are used for carrying and transporting products or items. Cardboard is a hard and durable material made from glue and wood pulp.

Cardboard bags are typically used for heavy, solid, and impact-sensitive products, as cardboard, due to its rigidity and hardness, provides suitable protection for the contents inside. These bags are used as an attractive means for packaging products and advertising.

The use of cardboard bags in advertising can bring significant value to a brand and its products because beautiful designs, logos, slogans, or advertising images can be placed on these bags, reminding customers of where they purchased the products.

In general, cardboard bags are very useful and effective for advertising and product packaging in terms of sturdiness, durability, and attractiveness.

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2- Paper bag

Paper bags are a type of handbag made of paper and are used for carrying and transporting products, purchases, and items. This type of paper bag is one of the most popular and widely used types of promotional and packaging bags.

The features of paper bags include:

  • Materials used: These bags are made from quality paper, which is usually recyclable and environmentally friendly.
  • Recyclability: Many paper bags are recyclable and can be turned into recycled paper to produce new paper.
  • Versatile uses: Paper bags can be used for packaging purchases, gifts, retail products, groceries, and various other purposes.
  • Printing and decoration capabilities: These bags have the ability to be printed with logos, slogans, advertising images, and other designs that can be effective for brand promotion and customer attraction.
  • Environmentally friendly: Paper bags are considered eco-friendly because of their recyclability and the natural materials used in their production. They have a lower environmental impact compared to some bags made of synthetic materials.

Paper bags are popular as both an advertising tool and a product packaging option, and they are recognized as an environmentally friendly choice.

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3- Fabric bag

Fabric bags are a type of handbag made from various types of fabric and are used for carrying and transporting goods and products. These bags are made from quality and durable fabrics, which are typically constructed from natural or synthetic threads.

The features of fabric bags include:

  • Materials used: These bags are made from various fabrics such as cotton, canvas, nylon, georgette, polypropylene, and more.
  • Reusability: Fabric bags are typically sturdy and durable, allowing for repeated use.
  • Versatile uses: These bags are used for carrying groceries, gifts, retail products, books, documents, and more.
  • Printing and design capabilities: Fabric bags can be personalized with printed logos, patterns, advertising images, and various attractive designs.
  • Environmental benefits: Fabric bags are considered environmentally friendly due to their reusability and their contribution to reducing the use of single-use plastic bags.

Fabric bags are a sustainable and stylish choice for carrying items and are less harmful to the environment compared to single-use plastic bags.

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4- Kraft bag

Kraft  bags are a type of hand or tote bag made from Kraft paper and are used for carrying and transporting products and items. Kraft paper is a type of woven paper made from wood pulp and has a relatively matte and sturdy surface.

The features of Kraft paper bags include:

  • Materials used: These bags are made from Kraft paper, which is usually recyclable and environmentally friendly.
  • Recyclability: Kraft paper is easily recyclable and can be returned for the production of new paper.
  • Versatile uses: These bags are used for packaging and carrying groceries, retail products, gifts, and various items.
  • Printing and design capabilities: Kraft paper bags can be customized with printed logos, patterns, advertising images, and various attractive designs.
  • Environmental benefits: Kraft paper bags are considered eco-friendly due to their recyclability and the natural materials used to make them, contributing less harm to the environment compared to some bags made from synthetic materials.

Kraft paper bags are popular for their environmental-friendliness and efficiency in packaging and advertising products.

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Types of hand bag printing

Various types of printing can be done on different types of handbags. Printing on handbags can serve advertising, attracting attention, providing information, or enhancing aesthetics. Below are some common types of printing on handbags:

Logo or brand printing: Printing logos or brand names on handbags is one of the most common and important types of printing. This promotes brand recognition and advertising.

Digital printing: In this type of printing, images and designs are printed on handbags using digital devices with high precision components.

Offset printing: Offset printing is a flat printing process used for high-volume and large quantity bag printing.

Heat transfer printing: In this method, images or designs are printed on paper or suitable film and then transferred to the bag using heat and pressure.

Silkscreen printing: This printing method involves transferring the printing material to the bag using silk patterns.

Flexographic printing: Flexographic printing is a flat surface printing process that uses metal printing plates.

Hand printing: This type of printing is done manually using patterns that display letters and symbols.

3D printing: 3D printing is done using 3D printing devices, giving the handbag a three-dimensional aspect.

Each of these printing methods has its own advantages and limitations, and the choice of printing method depends on your preferences, budget, and advertising needs.

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How to make a hand bag

Making a creative and attractive handbag can be a fun activity. Below is a simple way to make a fabric handbag:


– A piece of fabric with the desired dimensions for the bag.


– Thread to make the handle.

Sewing and pattern:

– Sewing accessories such as sewing machine, needle, thread, etc.

construction processes:

– Based on the desired dimensions for the sack, make a pattern cut from the fabric. The pattern is usually in the shape of a rectangle, the two sides of which you can sew together and make the bag.

Fabric cutting:

– Based on the pattern, cut the piece of fabric carefully.

sewing cuttings:

– Glue the two sides of the design you have already cut with a sewing machine so that the key parts of the bag are sewn together.

Handle stitching:

– Sew two tires or threads carefully and connect them around the bag to form the handle of the bag.

Full stitching:

– Sew the other parts of the bag together and complete.


– Twist the bag together so that the inside of the bag comes out.

Finishing and decorating:

– Decorate the bag from the inside as you wish, for example, you can draw a pattern on it or write a desired pattern on it.

After completing these steps, you can use your made handbag to carry your personal items or purchases. Also, you can make handbags with various designs and styles by changing the pattern and using different colors and materials.

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Hand bag price

The price of hand bag production can be affected by several factors. Below are the important factors that affect the cost of ordering advertising bags:

consuming materials:
Type of fabric or material: Cloth bags are made of different materials such as cotton, linen, nylon, etc., each of which has a different price.

Material thickness and quality :
The thickness and quality of fabric or other consumables also affect the price.

Size and dimensions:
The dimensions of the handbag, such as height, width and depth, determine the price. Larger and more intricately designed bags usually cost more.

Design and printing:
Complexity of design and printing: Complex designs and more prints may cost more.

Monochrome or multi-color: Printing in one color is usually cheaper than multi-color printing.

Order quantity and production:
The number of custom bags that are produced can affect the price. Producing larger quantities without paying special setup fees may result in a more favorable price.

Specifications and additional features:
Additional features such as pockets, zippers, drawers, adjustable straps, etc. may increase the price.

Market and demand:
Market conditions and demand affect the price. In some cases, if demand is high and supply is low, the price may rise.

Manufacturing company and brand:
The manufacturing company, brand and reputation influence the price. Famous brands may have a higher price.

General market conditions:
Economic factors, exchange rate changes, the number of competitors in the market and political issues can affect the purchase price of promotional bags.

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The most important applications of hand bag orders

Handbags or “bags” are multi-purpose tools that can be used to carry various items in people’s daily lives. These simple but useful tools come in many sizes and designs, depending on the type of user, they can be used in various cases. Below, we will mention the most important uses of shopping or bag:

Carrying purchases and everyday purchases:
Carrying the materials purchased from stores to home using hand bags is one of their main uses.

Use in trips and outings:
Small and portable handbags are used to carry personal items such as books, water, snacks, etc. in trips and outings.

Use in snacks and walks:
It is very common to use hand bags to carry essentials in city snacks and walks.

Carrying personal items to work and study:
Using a handbag to carry a laptop, book, office and personal items to work or university.

Use in sports and physical activities:
Carrying sports clothes and equipment to the gym or sports places with a hand bag.

Use in creative and artistic activities:
Transporting art materials and supplies, tools and creative essentials with hand bags.

Use in festivals and events:
Ordering a hand bag to carry personal items and purchases made at festivals, exhibitions or various events.

Daily life use:
Daily use items such as carrying wallets, keys, mobile phones and other small items

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Promotional bags or advertising bags are very popular due to their cost-effectiveness. These bags are more stylish than plastic bags and can be very helpful in the branding process. If you intend to order promotional bags and need free consultation before purchasing, please contact the experts at Chapnonegah.

Examples of promotional bags and hand bags


A small handbag is used for transporting products, purchases, books, and everyday items. These bags are usually made from various materials such as fabric, paper, cardboard, or kraft.


  1. Lightweight and portable.
  2. Often reusable.
  3. Diverse in designs and styles.
  4. More environmentally friendly than other single-use options.


  1. Depending on the material used, they may get damaged when in contact with water.
  2. Compared to some other options, they might have limitations in storage and weight capacity.
    1. Carrying groceries from the store to home.
    2. Transporting personal items on short trips.
    3. Serving as a basket for holding fruits and vegetables.
    4. Carrying books and documents to school or university.

Cloth tote bag: For everyday use, shopping, or carrying documents.

Paper bag: For gift packaging, retail stores, or special products.

Cardboard tote bag: For carrying heavy or solid products.


Yes, many fabric, paper, and cardboard handbags, including reusable bags, are recyclable. These bags can be used again and help protect the environment.