About Chap Nonegah

Nonegah company with 10 years of experience in the field of printing and production of various products such as bags, labels, boxes, etc. is considered one of the best companies in the field of printing. During the years of Nongah’s activity, the mission of all members of Nongah’s team has been to produce quality products and provide satisfactory services to our dear customers, and we have always tried to provide customers with lasting designs and products by combining customer taste with current design methods.

Chap Nonegah Services

Making a box

Nonegah printing services for box production are done in different stages:

1- First, replicating takes place: The person ordering sends a photo or sample of the desired product. We prepare a replica of that product.

2- Choosing the type of box by the customer: In the next neighborhood, we ask the customer what type of box he/she wants, whether it is a cardboard box or a cardboard box.

Types of Boxes

Cardboard box

Gray back: This type of cardboard box is designed in various sizes and weights, and one side is white. One side of the box is white and the back is gray. Two layers of gray cardboard are naturally attached to each other with the help of wet plates. Cardboard boxes with gray backs are recyclable. This type of box is used for things like making match boxes.

Glass box:

Glossy paper is made of ordinary writing paper with a coating of special materials. Composition on paper includes different types of materials, the most prominent of which is the combination of starch and plastic. Normal paper has tiny holes on its surface; But the gloss box is resistant to water and getting wet with the help of starch that is stretched over it.


Due to its special characteristics, this type of cardboard is used in making medical and sanitary boxes as well as food boxes. An example of inboard box printing that we all have probably seen is a mask box or a syrup box.

Cardboard or laminated box:

In this context, a laminated box means a box made from a sheet of paper covered with a thin layer of plastic or laminate film (usually transparent or opaque). This laminate layer protects the box from moisture, dust, scratches and mechanical damage and gives the box a shiny and professional look. In Nonegah, it is printed on gray back and laminated on three-layer or single-layer cardboard.

Bottom lock box:

This type of box is produced in a way that does not require staples or glue and the layers of the box fall on top of each other. This box is used in cases such as tareh bar, pizza box and sweets.


Bottom lock

Making a bag

A handbag or shopping bag is a type of handbag that is used to carry purchases and purchased items. These types of bags are usually made of materials such as plastic, fabric, synthetic leather, or other materials, and often have handles or openings that allow people to carry them easily. Nonegah company produces bags in different sizes and designs according to customer’s taste.

How to provide services

Nonegah’s services include design, model making, printing on work and box making. At the time of placing the order, first the necessary guidance is given by the experts and designers of Nongah and the final ideas are selected. After that, product design takes place. Also, a copy of the design can be produced and mass produced if the initial design is approved. Finally, the manufactured products are sent by the fastest methods and reach the customer in the shortest possible time. Also, if it is possible for you, you are invited to visit Nongah company in person to receive the product.

Why ChapNonegah ?

Today, the market is saturated with manufacturers, making it difficult to choose a company with quality and reliable services. By having special competitive advantages and providing quality services, Nonegah company has a favorable level of satisfaction in the hearts of its customers. Among the advantages of using Nonegah services, the following can be mentioned:

Free shopping advice

Before starting the work, you can take advantage of the free consultation with the specialists of Nonegah and choose the final design with great accuracy.


It is to see a small initial version of the work so that the output can be evaluated more concretely.

Structure definition

This is done to prevent waste of resources, save time and ultimately with the goal of output according to the customer’s wishes and at a lower price.

Presence during printing

During printing, you can be present and observe the dimensions, design and final quality of the work closely.

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