Chap Nonegah

Chapnonegah Company specializes in designing and printing boxes and handbags and has a 10-year history of activity. With an innovative and dedicated approach to providing high-quality services, we are recognized as a leading player in the printing and packaging industry.

Our capabilities in designing boxes and designing bags make a significant difference in the market. Our team consists of experienced professionals who use advanced technologies and modern methods in design and printing to deliver high-quality and attractive products.

We focus on producing game boxes, packaging for food products, custom handbags for advertising and branding, and more. Quality and commitment to delivery deadlines are our top priorities, and our customers benefit from our professional services and competitive prices.

If you are looking for a strong partner for designing and printing your products, Chapnonegah Company is ready to meet your needs in the best possible way.

Why Chap Nonegah?

Nonegah as an advertising group that provides its services in the field of printing and packaging. Experience and commitment

چرا چاپ نونگاه

Updated and advanced

Using modern methods as well as using advanced printing and packaging machines, Nonegah advertising group produces all its products in accordance with modern global designs.

Knowledge and expertise

Taking advantage of the experience and knowledge of prominent and creative people in the field of design and packaging, all designs and projects of Nongah are produced according to the taste of customers.

Experience and commitment

During the years of Nongah company's activity and interaction with different customers, Nongah has been able to know the needs of different people well through interaction with its customers in different businesses.

Quality and beauty

By combining the knowledge of experts, the correct understanding of customer needs and the use of advanced and specialized printing equipment, quality and beauty have become the main aspect of Nonegah's services.

Chap Nonegah Services

Making a box

Boxes are useful in various industries and cases. Boxes are made in different sizes and thicknesses and are used in different industries such as pharmaceuticals, food industries, packaging of household items, etc.

Making a bag

Nowadays, bags are produced in different sizes due to their elegant and beautiful appearance, desirable material and the ability to implement different designs. The bugs produced by Nonegah are produced in a personalized form and sent to the buyer.

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